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EnviroAction Productions (EAP) is a cause related organization dedicated to the protection of the environment. Our unique, multi-media company produces videos, supplies professional photographers, and coordinates events.



One of our primary focuses is raising money for environmental causes. Based in Aspen, Colorado we are blessed to be surrounded with bountiful natural splendor. With all of the pressing environmental issues in this day in age, we feel it is our duty to give something back. For any of our clients we will donate 5% of your bill directly to an environmentally-oriented non profit of your choice.



Our Rocky Mountain location is an outdoor sportsman’s’ paradise.  For the last 15 years we have been involved with a diversity of action sports in a variety of capacities.  We have coordinated a number of extreme sports events including the national mountain boarding championships, the legendary Gore Canyon Class V downriver race and the Rocky Mountain Surf Festival. Our team athletes have been featured in a number of national TV commercials, movies and videos and have garnered innumerable cover shots in a variety of publications.



EAP’s primary focus is video production. Our professional team produces a wide array of video productions; weddings and other events, corporate videos, TV commercials, product promotional pieces, a diversity of web videos and much more.  With HD filming and Blu Ray DVD capabilities, we are able to fulfill all of your video production needs no matter how great or small.

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